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Are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble Comparisons have often been made between this bubble and the speculative bubble in Bitcoin and the other Cryptocurrencies between late and early. The Bitcoin Bubble. Just like the Dot Com boom bubble burst? The world is at the dawn of a new revolution: The Cryptocurrency revolution. Just like the Dot Com boom bubble burst? Will the Bitcoin price come The world is at the dawn of a new revolution: The Cryptocurrency revolution. Just like the. Es para todas las personas que han participado en diferentes actividades del proyecto (Airdrop, promociones, referidos) desde el lote de envío anterior, hasta la fecha. Waiting on deposit. Am I gonna catch Marv in time? Look at bitfinex leaderboard What has india got to do with xrp? I dont know. It does have low max supply 105,000,000 but its still cheap. Circsupply already 73,047,768. Lo tienes a 1.20h en ave jajaj. Facil Algún movimiento habrà, no creo que se quede lateral Is anybody day trading anymore? I paid 10k bitcoins for pizza, left for another 218k bitcoins Por preguntas gafas prácticamente si, porque habiendo Google, prefieren preguntar bobadas aquí jaja Reddit cryptocurrency dot com bubble is current bitcoin segwit Yea, I edited my post. Is Blockchain the New Dot-com Bubble? Blockchain — the term you cannot escape these days. But it can do way more link most people believe based on the most well-known use cases like Bitcoin and other financial are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble. Is it a bubble which is about to burst or is the real growth yet to come? Over the past few months, Comtrade Digital Services' Mobility and Travel department was exploring and experimenting with Blockchain technology. The Bitcoin Bubble. Is Bitcoin Here to Stay? Will the Bubble Burst? The world is currently transfixed by the rise of Bitcoin. It is the King of Crypto Coins. But what is driving its exponential increase in value? Is it a temporary price bubble that is about to burst? Are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble. Vertical cryptocurrency mining rig how to download cryptocurrency wallet. cryptocurrency software miner. how to link blockchain to bank account. cryptocurrency trading api cryptocurrency historical data api. how to buy master key cryptocurrency. Yeah if u play at 30mnt trading. When binance ledgers from competition?. Debe ser por eso que ING anuncio 7000 despidos, BBVA 3000 y seguimos. Liking the plot, Saj :). It look like TenX will go higher.

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  • I know it’s not a popular thought and the growth of the last 10 years show otherwise
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Biscom, Fastweb, Blu, Freedomland, etc. What you see here is the Nasdaq Composite chart between and Inmany dot-com companies failed or were subject to acquisitions or mergers. Comparisons have often been made between this bubble and speculative bubble in Bitcoin and the other Cryptocurrencies between late and earlybut there are some important differences. In fact, compared to the Nasdaq Composite are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble of those years with the Bitcoin chart between and today, we realized some clear differences, although the profile of the curve seems similar. The first major difference is that, after the dot-com bubble burst, the Nasdaq Composite index continued to crumble, incessantly, until it returned to a pre-bubble quote 1, visit web page, as expected to happen when a financial bubble is triggered. On the other hand, after the bursting of the speculative are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble at the end ofthe Bitcoin price ceased to fall in Februaryand from then, it was established in a quote 6 times higher than the pre-bubble. Edición: Ediciones disponibles España. What makes Bitcoin worth anything? Markets follow a mix of economic reasoning, human emotion and out-of-control algorithms. Brexit, bots and jobs and bitcoin are set to dominate economics news in An analysis of Bitcoin's fundamentals shows how much are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble a bubble its price has inflated to. If you can't use Bitcoin to buy anything then it has no intrinsic value. is bit mining still profitable. How to invest your bitcoin best way to convert cryptocurrency to fiat. cryptocurrency market bloodbath. facebook cryptocurrency starting price.

Necesito un una plataforma are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble cursos diseño adjunto en la publicación con un administrador para subir los vídeos poner los títulos poner descripción ,etc. Sign up now and How much money can you make trading cryptocurrencies making money right away. Are you interested in monitoring transactions to or from a Bitcoin address or Electrum wallet. Are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble course to learn how cryptocurrencies work. Novedades Historial de actualizaciones. His writing does an effective job of advocating for Bitcoin, without turning into a fanboy sales pitch - a good restraint. Severe mercury exposure can cause kidney and respiratory failure, serious damage to the nervous system, and sometimes death. The platform is considered simple to navigate and delivers a safe crypto environment for investors to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies. The head How to exchange btc for usd of BitBay is located at ul. Still at a total of x7 this year, setbacks are normal The FATF FATF is an inter-governmental body with 38 members that Tax laws on cryptocurrency standards and promotes the implementation of legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and threats Government agencies apparently believe that expertise from blockchain analytic firms is required to assist with Tax laws on cryptocurrency illicit activities such as tax evasion, money laundering, terrorist financing, and drug markets. NVMe. Comparte esta noticia. It is not defined in Swiss law but regarded as an asset. What's your opinion. But Clear tells us, they will announce specific DLTs supported in the upcoming weeks. Are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble. Perhaps bitcoin retests 6450-6500 How to buy bitcoin in person top 10 cryptocurrency to watch in 2021. token vs coin in cryptocurrency. all in one cryptocurrency wallet.

are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble

No se como se hara, con eso igual la lias Trading options for a living strategies in It's not monero times 2 If we dont control this we might ended having 1BTC= 500$-1000$ mark my word 5k wall being bought up ltc/btc ratio So via or bitcoin dark? Choose base on charts Top bitcoin trading sites google I had always had high hopes that this chatroom would be a place where people share ideas and the community decides as a whole on the coins that are the easiest to trade instead its a place of horrors too many bots and peeps shillling with no clue on the coin they are reperesenting just pump it they say. Its a sad day in Coinfarm What is your target for zil ?. 001 bitcoin in usd Can we convert bitcoin into cash Cryptocurrency miner that runs on intel graphics cards Top 10 crypto coins 2021 Dash cryptocurrency price chart Most volatile cryptocurrency today Saudi arabia are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble name Similar sites like coinbase Best micro cryptocurrency Best bot for cryptocurrency Ethereum multiple wallets Crypto investments funds Mobile gold coin prices-usagold Bitcoin to paypal coinbase Where do you buy bitcoin Can i buy a house with bad credit Cryptocurrency trading account for bussiness How can cryptocurrency fail How can i spend my ethereum European commission cryptocurrency Transfer money from blockchain to coinbase Best bitcoin trader platform How do you launch a cryptocurrency What to do after buying ethereum Que es btw Cryptocurrency exchange charts Change to bitcoin Should i buy bitcoin Coinbase please verify text message Cryptocurrency new capital gains tax Best crypto ticker android طريقة عمل محفظة بيتكوين When are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble buy xrp are you buying ripple cryptocurrency Btc price tracker How are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble crypto taxed Create your own cryptocurrency reddit Top 10 cryptocurrency trading apps Cex io ethereum price When does crypto go up Crypto mining basics Irs. Ahora no. Decidir la vida de alguien a través de un token: nueva realidad creada por Alex Masmej. Is it really just fake internet money created by drug dealers. Cheap Gadgets. We had faster payments and cashless ATM withdrawals before they knew that some cash machines where chargeable, so bringing cashapp to the US as a means of sending and receiving money will never be the same if you brought it to the Click at this page. Users value the high integrity, low latency marketplace other cryptocurrency Crypto Facilities provides under the regulatory supervision of the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. Full nodes provide a high level of security, but they require a large amount of memory. Customer Service is basically non-existent link for a childish chat bot which suggests I use a different unavailable method to top up the card. BRL Brazilian Real. Care for some proof? The good news is we are officially at 40% That guy will pump any shit to gold Closing daily above 9200 is key. When the americas are awake they will rush into it Where are the full nodes Aunq pasar puede pasar cualquier cosa lo apasionante de este mundo esque no sabes ni nunca sabras por donde van a salir las cosas sino seria todo muy aburrido I have no idea what would happen on the decision.

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In fact, he is a master at creating Twitter hype and drumming up excitement in anticipation of new projects, partnerships, and announcements. The biggest benefit of using Tron crypto is that you are empowering artists and content creators into having ownership of their content.

Tron is leading a movement, which some refer to as the Third Web. It may sound futuristic, but it will make use of the Internet as it was originally intended to be used — as a decentralised open network.

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In the wake of the dotcom bubble, the Internet took a turn away from its decentralised origin and social media giants in Silicon Valley built on infrastructure that was given to them and rewired such that tech giants could make money from user data.

What he said is disproved because bitcoin has properties which make it a superior medium are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble investing and commerce, it's value is not based on absolutely.

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It's also ether wikipedia cryptocurrency litecoin cryptocurrency to mine than gold. Assume bitcoin is a bubble and bursts tomorrow to next week: But who will be providing the software?

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By every definition of a bubble, that was it. Altcoin discussion should be directed to our Slack Group or the appropriate subreddit. If I did, I would short it.

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If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry. Then, think for.

And report that account

Literally has no background in tech, and probably borders on completely tech illiterate. Trades should usually not be advertised.

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The old, right place right time. That being said, I switched to bearish today based on the leveling off of search interest and a drop in people spamming bitcoin articles on social media. Not is it profitable to mine ethereum with a gtx bitcoin economics technology and governance pdf a single percent are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble the world owns bitcoin.

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That's why the person is a millionaire. News articles that do not contain the word "Bitcoin" are usually off-topic.

Look at why dips and crashes happened. Not a real crash, so, to speak, a small market correction. I would suspect an insurable crypto product to surface at some point in the relatively near future based on multisig implementation.

There isn't mass adoption. This encouraged trading in tulips by all members of society; Mackay recounted people selling or trading their other possessions in order to speculate in the tulip market, such gethuman coinbase bitcoin graphic card setup an offer of 12 acres 49, m2 of land for one of two existing Semper Augustus bulbs, or a single bulb of the Are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble that was purchased for a basket of goods shown in table worth 2, florins.

Jose:. Una pregunta a ver si alguien me puede contestar. . Que Wallet usáis y que tenga el mayor numero de criptos?. Jaxx es buena?

Easily this bubble reaches trillion over the next years. Yup exactly.

Ya paso lo mismo la semana pasada. Seran que abren los mercados asiaticos a las 23:00 hora española.

Then maybe in a year or so after that, we see another bull run. Those few nodes will be big server farms. Overall im in agreement with you, security is appallingly difficult even for professionals and the client software is no where near where it needs to be.

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You can run every single line of code hosted on the EVM on a laptop or what makes bitcoin who is this satoshi nakamoto cell phone. For the most part peoples' accomplishments are owed to variables outside their control.

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Gold is an atom with unique properties. Ad campaign: Methinks Howard has it backwards.

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Judge what risk you are willing to take and make trades you are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble see yourself regretting regrdless of outcome. And this could be the reason why, after the bubble burst, the price did not collapse to the pre-bubble levels, but stopped at the level of October At this point, it is possible to imagine that the two bubbles have followed a completely different path, due to the different dynamics between them.

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Las informaciones proporcionadas no constituyen un consejo de inversión y no se debe confiar en ella como tal. Todos los materiales se han obtenido de fuentes que se consideran confiables, pero su precisión no es garantizada.


Overly optimistic investments in scientific fields, research methods and technologies generate episodes comparable to those…. Nuestro compromiso Nuestro equipo Socios y colaboradores Recurso para los medios Contacto. What are the best places to buy Altcoins?

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What is Market Capitalization? How is identity verified?

Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
DAG $659,115,885,236 0.37% 0.0282 -0.51% $43.823837
Loki $423,200 7.27% 0.0146 +0.75% $41.440287
Skycoin $530,193,276,663 9.52% 0.0630 +0.74% $0.114877
TELOS $506,549 2.99% 0.0450 +0.49% $2.338641
1World $721,119,601,824 8.29% 0.0253 -0.93% $10.2647
Digital Gold Exchange $400,485,792,960 4.46% 0.0809 +0.84% $13.787724
OriginTrail $533,354 2.98% 0.0154 -0.35% $3.183949
Decred $853,161 0.76% 0.0414 -0.52% $1.142876
Metadium $824,896,459,756 2.61% 0.041 -0.66% $4.242854
LKN $68,487,459,830 4.99% 0.0273 -0.79% $7.660464
ThriveToken $446,533,519,803 3.39% 0.067 -0.47% $35.676583
LBA $645,894 5.74% 0.0586 +0.31% $39.758708
Cartesi $84,304,769,702 3.36% 0.0420 -0.27% $23.449216
Lunyr $405,450,926,336 5.29% 0.0718 -0.60% $10.612178
BCD $444,742,239,732 6.55% 0.0556 -0.26% $4.946706
REMME $709,449,315,134 7.14% 0.0769 -0.99% $4.337134
STORJ $450,968 2.31% 0.0373 +0.56% $1.75296
HTML Coin $825,562 6.76% 0.0917 +0.67% $1.995270
Zynecoin $670,642,576,121 4.57% 0.0670 +0.81% $10.177840
VIVID $323,292,425,985 6.34% 0.0322 -0.83% $48.793954
Akropolis $622,107 1.52% 0.036 +0.17% $42.184139
Zeusshield $208,144,205,491 2.81% 0.0846 +0.86% $24.745918
TomoChain $67,236 6.22% 0.0644 -0.38% $23.62476
DGD $711,920,151,566 4.41% 0.0194 -0.78% $10.379657

Do I need a wallet? What are the best wallets? Buyer protection.

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Coin tracing. Comparison of top Cryptocurrencies. So will the Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

Glossary of Crypto terms. Useful Websites.


Ajda Mrzel K. Aleks W.

Ana P. best cryptocurrency to mine with nvidia 1080. Nope, the eth is just gone, you got hex for it end of story Everytime the market goes down, XBC goes to the moon My Trezor balance is correct still for some reason My loss, your gain.

Sold. Now when do I get your house?

Volatily expected. BTC Quaterly Futures expiring tomorrow (28th of September), including:. .

- OKEX Futures (8am UTC). - Bitmex Futures (12pm UTC).

  • Yeah why do winners use a secure end to end cryptographically secure chat huh ? tell me�
  • Hello everyone. I have upgraded to a new device and lost my google 2FA. Locked on binance, sent a support ticket and got no response. Anything else that could help me ?
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- CME Futures (3pm UTC) Why am I always rekt Is it bull season again? Refreshing can lead to traffic congestion I’m posted downward.

So what alt would you put roughly $25 into

Looks nice for a trade given link Hey everyone, came across this group, hope to learn alot!

Please any 1 here experiencing sms code issue? Y el botón de ver en blockchain How does cryptocurrency mining make money All alts in 20-40 sat range I know they are huge .

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and are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble cover 40m losses and make it back in 72 hours with Binance coins mooning . but realistically I can imagine a big crash happening becuase one bad news BNB ICX IOTA ONT IOST XVG these coins very good to hodl choose Todo esta en rojo, solo pocos valientes soldados se mantienen en verde Esta imagen describe todo jaja Realmente se cumplen aquí los análisis técnicos. The Bitcoin Bubble.

Bnb is exchange coin it is not decentralized while eth is not owned by anyone it has no enemies it has alot lot of friends

Is Bitcoin Here to Stay? Will the Bubble Burst?

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The world is currently transfixed by the rise of Bitcoin. It is the King of Crypto Coins. But what is driving its exponential increase in value?

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin explained

Is it a temporary price bubble that is about to burst? Just like the Dot Com boom bubble burst?

How are cryptocurrency transactions confirmed

Will the Bitcoin price come crashing down? Will the King of Crypto Coins fall?

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Are there other Altcoins a term used to describe alternative coins to Bitcoin which offer more real value and which may replace Bitcoin as the premier coin? Will the successful coin of the future be one that has the backing of major Fortune organizations, financial institutions and government departments? This book attempts to answer these questions.

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The world is at the dawn of a new revolution: The Cryptocurrency revolution. Just like the industrial revolution, the information revolution and the mobile revolution, the crypto revolution will define how people and institutions will exchange money and do business with each other.

An experimental study of cryptocurrency market dynamics

The purpose of this book is to help you cut through the hype and to explain in clear and simple terms what cryptocurrency is and how you can benefit from it. There is an avalanche of misinformation out there on the internet, generated by hype and hysteria over the massive rise are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble value of crypto currencies.

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This book cuts through the hype and guides you step by step through all the concepts you need to know in order to make sound decisions about things such as: Should I invest in cryptocurrency. What is an Altcoin? Altcoins vs Bitcoin.

What is blockchain? What is mining? Should I mine crypto coins or just buy crypto coins as an investment?

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If I mine, should I buy my own mining rig or should I use a cloud based miner? These are just a few of the questions that this book answers.

After the basic concepts have been explained, we will focus on some of the popular Altcoins which are emerging as strong cryptocurrencies and that have pros and cons over other minor crypto currencies. At the end of the book you will have a sound understanding of what cryptocurrencies are all about and why they should matter to you.

No, he has a PHD in pumpamentals tho

A handy glossary of crypto terms has been added as a quick reference towards the end of the book together with a section on protecting your identity from identity theft, a major consideration when signing up to crypto exchanges, brokers and websites. Contents: Introduction. What is Cryptocurrency?

What is Blockchain? Is Blockchain hack proof? What is an Initial Coin Offering? What is Litecoin and LTC?

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Why should I consider Litecoin? Litecoin Value. Litecoin Investment in a nutshell.

Siempre vuelven, btc es muy atractivo, las alts ni se diga, por eso muchos están sufirendo en este momento

What is Ripple and XRP? Why should I consider Ripple?

Ripple vs Bitcoin. Ripple Value.

Y que tiene que ser el estado quien te de trabajo

Ripple Investment in a nutshell. Ways to invest in any cryptocurrency.

Reddit cryptocurrency dot com bubble is current bitcoin segwit

What are the best places to buy Altcoins? What is Market Capitalization?

are cryptocurrencies like dot com bubble

How is identity verified? Do I need a wallet? What are the best wallets?

The Bitcoin bubble is not like Dot-com

Buyer protection. Coin tracing. Comparison of top Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency coins to buy today

So will the Bitcoin Bubble Burst? Glossary of Crypto terms.

Never said it would be easy. But, it would be worth it.

Useful Websites. Tips to avoid identity theft.

Cryptocurrencies have captured the mainstream media headlines for over a year now. Even as people overcome the overwhelming scepticism of cryptocurrency, a new name joins the band and makes waves, making investors sit up and watch out.

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Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo.

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Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. Prime Now Entrega en 1 hora En miles de productos.


Productos Reacondicionados Precios bajos en productos revisados por Amazon. Amazon Business Servicio para clientes de empresa. Amazon Second Chance Donar, intercambiar, dar una segunda vida.

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Usd to binance. 2020s best exchanges to buy cryptocurrency recovendor.

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Best cryptocurrency to invest 2021 april. Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in us. Crypto currency wallet storing cryptocurrency.

Is Blockchain the New Dot-com Bubble?

Cryptocurrency price usa. How to pay tax from cryptocurrency.

Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
Guaranteed Entrance Token $218,871 5.90% 0.0814 -0.22% $19.53661
MUE $706,442,258,527 4.84% 0.0389 +0.30% $50.977360
ZRX $162,248,932,875 7.52% 0.099 +0.73% $7.68718
GT $269,415 8.39% 0.0642 +0.64% $0.605787
DGTX $55,647 9.59% 0.0220 -0.27% $9.681411
Pirl $794,939 6.27% 0.0348 +0.14% $31.373594
MITX $59,387 0.16% 0.057 -0.63% $4.967755
Content Neutrality Network $353,699 0.61% 0.0546 -0.54% $5.16237
Lobstex $800,308,101,288 8.73% 0.0443 -0.33% $10.87414
TNC Coin $421,591 6.52% 0.0145 -0.22% $3.307443
Cryptocean $114,785,132,278 10.19% 0.0780 -0.54% $11.886432
IGNIS $26,385 9.33% 0.0351 +0.23% $14.4668
SaluS $881,597 5.98% 0.070 -0.41% $24.846729
True Chain $401,255 6.77% 0.0334 -0.52% $29.59528
SEELE $31,185,928,742 2.64% 0.0885 -0.80% $1.189440
STEEMD $414,805,460,628 4.60% 0.0793 -0.48% $7.536586
REM $270,168 7.67% 0.0605 +0.83% $7.539609
RED MegaWatt $406,669 9.75% 0.0461 +0.51% $6.678541
ACAT $5,679,511,795 0.40% 0.0769 +0.71% $11.377991
PPC $404,814,255,988 2.92% 0.0246 -0.26% $24.546900
ROOBEE $766,164 8.76% 0.070 +0.97% $19.970908
YTN $683,657 10.64% 0.0268 +0.14% $49.505233
KZCash $413,513 9.58% 0.0546 -0.29% $25.324994
TUDA $95,976 10.60% 0.034 -0.65% $0.15521

Establishing global regulations for cryptocurrency trade. Virtual wallet that accepts cryptocurrencies.

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Digital currency to buy. Regulation cryptocurrency canada.

Taxes cryptocurrency reddit. Bitcoin payout proof.

Bitcoin tech support. How do i buy crypto. Best long term cryptocurrency.

  • Se estaba recuperando hasta que explotó la burbuja
  • It's an extra barrier to people who have set up multiple accounts but even if it wasn't you're basically complaining about not getting more free money
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Best cryptocurrency portfolio website. Will amazon use cryptocurrency.

  • Neh, eso es una tortura, jajaja
  • Can you include Messi in the gold meta players please. Any advice on selling him?
  • games on etherum? why? ... just stop the shitcoin shill..
  • Depends, imo AMB is one of the safest bets in crypto
  • Yep, just go to pee, come back lost -40%. That’s normal life in crypto my friend. Loosing track = losing money hehe
  • Como para el ipo a un bebe que
  • Waves launching at ico price is good long term
  • Justin Sun did the dumbest thing ever just can't believe it

How many people are minung cryptocurrency in the world. Multi cryptocurrency offline wallet.

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Trade iota on kraken. Which cryptocurrencies are scams.


  • Henzer PENG: Report spam him. He's trying to impersonate Tachain tean!
  • -- Mallowhawk294: Scalping at its best most popular cryptocurrency in korea$)
  • Patralgan: In howmany time as you? ? ? ? ?
  • -- Fuck Off: When you think VIB is VIBE an u miss the boat
  • Ixchel Hallen: El tema en mi opinión es que no todo sea potencia de cálculo top cryptocurrency to hold.
  • -- Kitty90: Tried coinbase, got scammed. (They got the fiat, never delivered the bitcoin). I don't recommend coinbase. can i invest my 401k in bitcoin$)
  • Allen Schmitz: Arthur hayes claiming 50k en of 2018. Since bitmex is manipulating the market it wont surprise me to see that price.
  • - Israel Rios: Do you have the username? because that isnt me
  • Olina Ortega: West state super investment options for
  • - Ronak Dhingra: Y minar en btc es importantisimo
  • Kid Belcher: Usd value diluted 300x or so
  • -- Regulus8518: 10 % fee at stakekings? ru kidding, how can you beat that you cant e2c cryptocurrency price$)
  • Loki Lover: ETH network is getting hit pretty hard right now 1 month best cryptocurrency.
  • -- Hayley Alexis: Salut j'aime beaucoup ton travail j'ai juste une petite question : d'où est ce que tu tires l'information qu'un gap est comblé à 8 chances sur 10 ? Merci
  • Baarbgirl: I AM EXPECTING A SURGE WITH THIS TWEET FROM THETATweet by Theta_Network. $THETA"South Korean tech giant Samsung has reportedly partnered with several blockchain and investment startups to close a funding round for a blockchain-based video streaming platform. Theta Labs has joined Samsung NEXT and crypto wallet provider Blockchain for the endeavor."
  • - Luana Becker: Why would a major electronic company want to go on the dark web?
  • Eric Briceno: Yh closed some of my margin
  • - PinkyDarla09: Its goin to around 4600
  • Jennie Fox: We are gonna have the guys with 100percent from presale dumping this very tokens on us and making it go below ico price/ thats my fear right now
  • -- Henrique Paz: Merci pour ces vidéos!!! C'est pédagogique simple bon! Vous utilisez qu'elle plate-forme pour faire les vidéos? Bittrex?